Monday , October 18 2021

The appearance of the painting "Savior" bought by Ibn Salman in an unexpected place


Bloomberg magazine said that Leonardo da Vinci's savior, who remained unclear after Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman bought him through an intermediary, according to Western reports, appeared in an unexpected place.

The website "ArtNet", which the board, "Salvador Mundi", is now aboard the yacht "Superene" owned by Ibn Salman, citing officials involved in the purchase agreement. The magazine pointed out that communication center of the government government did not respond to the communications to comment On the painting website.

According to navigation data, the yacht is from May 26, located in the Red Sea, near Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt.

"Although the high seas may not be a good place for fragile graphics, and it is unusual to decorate the rich on their yachts with these gear, Joe Lewis suspended the $ 70 million TribeTech on the back of his Aviva yacht." said.

The New York Times previously reported that Prince Badr bin Farhan al-Saud, a close friend of Ibn Salman, bought the painting during a Christie auction in New York for $ 450.3 million, and Bin Salman may have decided to keep it, over there.

The painting, thanks to his new entry for Leonardo, won a retrospective in 2011 as part of his paintings at the National Gallery of the Arts in London. Two years later, Russian billionaire Dmitry E. Raibolovlev bought it for $ 127.5 million, less than a third of the price sold in 2017 when it was auctioned by the Christie Foundation in New York.

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