Team of young Saudis as Asian champion for the third time


Green dropped Shimshon of South Korea and crowned the continental cup

Saudi Arabia won the Asian Cup in its 40th edition after beating South Korea 2-1 in the final of the tournament at Pacari Stadium in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta. Saudi Turki Al-Ammar opened the scoring and Khalid Al-Ghannam added the second goal, while Chun Yew scored the penalty.

The start of the meeting came quickly from the Saudi side, who launched a fierce attack on goalkeeper Lee Guangkun Korean team, and had what he wanted in the third minute of the game after passing the easy Turkish ball Al-Ammar Abdul Mohsen Al-Qahtani, but the latter on the foot of the goalkeeper to return to leave Al-Ammar, Directly on the roof of the goal, and the Korean goalkeeper headed brilliantly to the head of Hassan Tembeki, and despite the Saudi's progress, coach Khalid Al-Atwi asked the players who continued to pressure the Korean team.

With a third of the first hour, Khaled Al-Ghannam crowned his star and reinforced his team's progress with the second goal, after firing a bomb in the vicinity of the great area. Saudi Arabia's first goals and impressive players were the result of the cards of the Korean coach Chung Young, and the Koreans waited the first 25 minutes to threaten Abdul Rahman Al Shammari's kick with Kim Hyun's shot.

The Saudi goalkeeper arrived on time and moved the ball in time, reaching No. 8 with the Korean keeper with difficulty, and the Saudi team remained in complete control and imposed its style thanks to the movements of the five lines and the aspirations of the bottom and in the last ten minutes of the first game The Koreans for their defense and rushed to the front areas in pursuit of the goal to reduce, and I have no doubt that a dangerous ball in the Saudi goal went through the line.

The Saudi response came briefly from Khaled Al-Ghannam, who turned to a clever ball, but passed by the post side, and sent Kibun Chung to the ball, A cross in the large area of ​​Saudi raised Kim Hyun, the Korean defender and knocked the side net of the goal of Saudi Arabia. Turki Al-Ammar failed to exploit a Saudi counterattack in the last minute of the first half. The first yellow card appeared on Kim Hyun after his violent entry into the foot of Turki Al-Ammar. Kuo Hyun fired a long-range missile that surpassed the Saudi side. The shot from Khaled al – Ghannam.

In the second half of the match, Khaled Al-Atwi paid his first card and joined Firas Al-Burikan as Abdul Mohsin Al-Qahtani's substitute, who sympathized with the Saudis and denied the Koreans a clear goal in the early attacks of the first half . Al-Amar's second and third personal goal for his country.

After the first ten minutes of this period, the Koreans rushed to the front with the largest number of players, and attempted to penetrate the Saudi deep-sea conglomerates on many occasions, but the strength and toughness of the defense prevented, and repeated mistakes in Saudi team players, the last third of the field, who missed the dangerous counterattack, and enter the Korean substitute Guen with the Saudi goalkeeper strongly, which cost him the yellow card.

And missed the volcano volcano clear opportunity in front of the goal after receiving a wonderful pass from Khalid Al-Ghannam, but the first towards the ball far from the goal, and after the first hour, get penalty Gun Se Guin after being hampered in the area of Muhannad Shankati held by Chun Yu in the Saudi net The Spaniards tried with full force to adjust the score in the last quarter of the game and his coach dismissed a defender and gave his last offensive kick.

In the last ten minutes, Khaled Al-Atawi instructed green players not to run into the front areas, and the Saudis only had to send the balls sideways by Ferrakan and Al-Ammar to try to consume time. Feet of the defender.


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