Sudanese political analyst: this is what led Bashir to visit Egypt


Abdul Malik al-Naim, a Sudanese political analyst, said Bashir's visit to Cairo is different from his predecessors, because it comes under exceptional circumstances that Sudan is going through internally and requires regional and international support.

"The meeting between the Sudanese president and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is the 24th meeting formally or on regional and international occasions," Naeem said in a telephone interview to Sputnik on Monday.

"But the recent visit does not lead to the usual routine, a visit with very specific goals because of the internal situation of Sudan, which in turn affects Egypt, no doubt given the geographical context and extended relations and partnerships."

The Sudanese political analyst: "Bashir visited Qatar before his visit to Egypt and is scheduled to visit Kuwait, and I believe that Bashir's visit to Qatar is in two fields, bilateral relations or the issue associated with the crisis of the Cooperation Council of the Gulf, in addition to the internal crisis in Sudan and how the Arab countries Contribute to supporting stability and security in Sudan. "

"This is true because the structure in Sudan is different because we are talking today of a partnership government with 49% for the opposition and the remainder for the ruling party. There are also parliaments in the states, in addition to parliament," he said. National dialogue, as well as a national dialogue that included more than 39 armed movements and more than 94 parties in partnerships.

"So there is a practical difficulty that what happened in the Arab Spring can easily happen in Sudan, and that does not mean that the Sudanese government is exempt from its obligations. It has a very large role and must respond to street protests by resolving the problems and crises that expelled citizens from the street and the continuation of political communication ".

The Sudanese analyst pointed out that the role of Egypt should be present and announced at a joint press conference defending Sudan and its support. All these Arab arrangements can lead to positive results in bridging the gap, solving many problems and providing peace in Sudan .


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