Study Refutes Common Belief About Vitamin D!



Study Refutes Common Belief About Vitamin D!

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According to a new study, the use of vitamin D supplements does not prevent heart attacks, stroke, or cardiovascular disease.

Over the years, scientists have linked vitamin D deficiency to a wide range of health problems, including diabetes, osteoporosis, heart problems and depression, among others.

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Taking Vitamin Supplements May Raise Cancer Death!

But the Michigan State University study with 80,000 participants puts the idea that dietary supplements will protect your heart in question. I found that those who took supplemental pills were not at least as vulnerable as those who took placebo.

Despite the many studies that have found a link between low vitamin D levels and poor heart health, there is little evidence that vitamin D deficiency causes heart disease, or that getting enough of it to prevent it.

Thus, the researchers decided to test this by analyzing 21 previous vitamin D experiments. It was found that taking vitamin D supplements did not prevent heart attack injuries and stroke from participants.

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Excessive intake of fish oil and vitamin "d ="

The study does not try to explain exactly what is happening, as researchers have presented some theories in an article accompanying the study, and pointed out that the main source of vitamin D is the sun, which most people get walking away from home.

Although vitamin D is important for bone health, there is a clearer and more causal relationship between active lifestyle and heart health. Low levels of vitamin D meant only "lack of physical activity and therefore a sign of deterioration in overall health," the study said.

The results of the new study "support efforts to reduce wasteful spending on vitamin D testing and treatments in populations without risk of disability or to prevent deaths from heart disease," the researchers write. At the same time, this does not mean that we should give up completely on vitamin D, especially for kidney patients and hypothyroidism.

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