Student from United Arab Emirates creates a game to simplify the curriculum


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Generally, the main goal is to create games, entertainment and fun, but an emirate student named Maryam Humaid Butti Al-Aqli of the seventh grade is the director of Falaj Al Mualla Primary and Secondary School in Umm Al Quwain, creating an educational game called the Emirates Environment to illustrate concepts and information. In geography and social studies, Maryam noted that her colleagues had difficulty understanding some of the study units, which led her to invent the game. It was based on what I learned through the Intelligent Education System implemented by the Ministry of Education.

The game combines learning and entertainment, allowing students to learn the different types of environments and the diversity of their nature, from one stage to another without answering the listed questions, which provide simple scientific content to support students and empower them to become creators of the future.

"Through the game you can learn about the different environments in the country, learn more about the different species of plants in each environment and learn about the species of fish that live in the Persian Gulf," says student Mariam Humaid Butti Al- Aqli. To educate students and provide them with the scientific content required in the curriculum, but also to promote national identity and dissemination of environmental culture and achieve the principle of "learning more fun".

The idea of ​​the game was born through the sharing of social studies, Maryam noted that students have no motivation to learn, invented the game that will help provide pleasure and simplify the passage of information, thus understanding and consolidating in the memory.

"It is part of the UAE Programmer, a quality program that aims to employ technology in all areas of life and teach young generations their skills and foundations to attract talented minds and young talents to further the country's development and growth."

She confirmed that her family supports her and encourages her to develop her skills to design and create more games and programs that contribute to improving students' skills and connecting them to technology in line with the wise leadership vision of preparing an armed generation with modern tools that accompany scientific development.

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