"Stability" of gold prices on Friday, April 5, 2019. The average price of yellow metal in Egyptian goldsmiths and metal exchanges. In the morning


Daily monitoring and instant update For the price of gold on Friday In the Egyptian market and in the world minerals market, we offer you the average price of the precious metal and factors that affect its price globally and locally, updated daily, with a gold average price table in Egyptian goldsmiths, without adding the price of work and stamp duty.

The price of gold in the Egyptian market is affected by the world price of precious metals in international exchanges. The overall price is dominated by high demand or decline. The price of gold is linked to the global exchange market in reverse, as the exchange rate increase of the dollar causes the price of gold to fall. Investors are hiding them in gold to buy the dollar, with their expectations of rising, and if the dollar price falls due to political and economic decisions of the US, investors will buy gold as a safe investment, we show in this article.

The price of gold today

  • International metal exchanges opened on Friday for the yellow metal with a record high of $ 1,295.

We offer you the average gold price in the Egyptian market, excluding taxes, stamp duty,

The price of gold Average selling price
Caliber 24 EGP 731.46
Caliber 21 622.5 pounds
Caliber 18 LE 537.5
Price of one ounce $ 1295

Gold price in the dyeing market

Gold continued trading below $ 1,300 today to record $ 1292 per ounce early in the evening, and the record for 21 calibers in the Egyptian market is about 629 pounds, without a factory.

A drop in the price of gold in the local Egyptian gold market affected by the drop in the global price of one ounce of global metal exchange at the end of the week, which stabilized at the lowest point in three weeks.

In today's negotiations, a gradual increase has warned gold in the Egyptian market, posting $ 1,297.00 in the afternoon, stable in the Egyptian market at yesterday's levels.

A sharp decline in the price of metal in the metal exchanges, due to positive expectations for the US market, which led investors to buy the dollar and sell gold, registered US $ 1,286.

The jaguar rose at night as the price of gold in the Egyptian market was affected by declines in gold since early morning to mark the 21 most popular and sold in the Egyptian market for 622 pounds, Egyptian stores without gold work.


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