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Do you have rusty nails with tetanus? When you think of tetanus, do you think of a rusty nail? Well, the nails in this picture may be rusty, but tetanus has nothing to do with the same rust. Tetanus is a serious infection caused by a bacterium called Clostridium tetani. These bacteria are present in our environment, living in soil, dust or feces. "Tetanus can infect the body through open wounds, especially deep wounds," said William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University. It is natural that the wound itself is dangerous: when the bacterium falls on it, rusty or not, it penetrates the skin and builds a tunnel to form in the body, which can lead to tetanus. So why do many people connect between rusty nails and infection? "In a way, someone invented a photo of walking on a rusty nail to describe how a person was infected with tetanus. This image was an attempt to convey the idea that this rusty nail was in a dirty environment where you could find the bacteria , but somehow, a life of its own ". "But the environment should not be so dirty as to get tetanus, for example, when people were infected with a kitchen knife," added Schaffner. He added, "Tetanus bacteria remain in the spore-like environment to withstand harsh conditions for long periods, as long as oxygen is available, but when bacteria penetrates deep into the body, it disrupts the oxygen supply, as waking up in the body, the bacteria multiply and produce dangerous toxins that accumulate in the body through the blood.This poison, not bacteria, is what causes tetanus.Ttanane can often be avoided by keeping the doses of the vaccine up to date. children should take a series of doses to protect the body against bacteria, while adults should take the dose of support every 10 years. In the case of a deep injury, the doctor will recommend another dose of support if the person does not receive it for more of 5 years Read more: Mustafa Nour Audit: Mohamed Saad Al – Source Sayed Thank visitors Sovereignty Egypt News to browse our site If you have any doubts Do you feel rusty nails with tetanus? Please let us know or leave a comment below
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