Sovereignty Creating "mini brains" can help treat autism and schizophrenia


Scientists at the University of Cambridge have been able to develop and develop self-controlled microbial brains that are characterized by structures and processes similar to those of the developing human brain during pregnancy week 12-16. . An advanced study can have important implications in treating a number of diseases, including schizophrenia, autism and depression. Scientists prepared the microbes in the laboratory from human stem cells, developed enough consciousness to send "nerve signals" to connect the spinal cord and muscle tissue in mice, with the goal of flexing the muscles. The mini brain also contains millions of neurons, similar in ability to cockroaches. "A hybrid of sheep and humans opens the way for diabetes," said Madeleine Lancaster, of Cambridge University, who led the experiment at the Molecular Biology Laboratory of the Medical Research Council, and published in the journal Nature: Neuroscience: of the maturation rate of the small brains, they are still very small and do not have the complete "ammunition" and the organization of the brain areas necessary for a higher perception.In the experiment, co-author, Stefano Giandomenico, method to cultivate a slice of the organic material of the brain in a membrane at the air-liquid interface, allowing access to the liquid media rich in nutrients below, oxygen in the air above, Microbial in the petri dish for a long period, so that it can mature more You may also be interested in: Lubna Ghanem reveals that stem cells help in the treatment of the effects of burns Study confirms that the stem cell transplant awaits in the treatment of blindness Thank you visitors Sovereignty Egypt News to browse our site If you have any questions about this news The creation of "mini brains" can help Treatment of autism and schizophrenia Please let us know or leave a comment below
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