Sources: "Huawei" find a replacement for "Android" in Russia


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Sources said China's smartphone maker Huawei, which was restricted by the United States affected its access to the "Android" operating system, may find a replacement in Russia.

Bell quoted sources as saying that Russian officials discussed with representatives of the Chinese company, install the "Afura" operating system on various types of devices, "Huawei."

The "Afura" system is owned by the Russian Telecommunications Corporation "Rostelikom" and the Russian businessman Gregory Berezkin, and was established based on the Finnish system Sailfish.

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China warns tech groups to stand behind Washington's wishes and policies

According to sources, the two sides also discussed the start of production of part of the "Huawei" devices in Russia. The information on Rostelikom was not confirmed but was ready to work with all mobile software developers. Huawei declined to comment.

Washington has listed Huawei as a blacklist that effectively prevents US companies from working with it and has urged its allies to stop trading with Huawei under the pretext that the company can use technology developed by Beijing for espionage.

Source: Linta Rowe


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