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Discovery of space around the planet from the site of Masrawy on Friday, June 21, 2019.

Written by Lamia Yousri:

With the development of telescopes, scientists were able to understand the nature of the stars and celestial bodies in all their complexity and why they appear in their present form, their life cycle and their death, and were able to observe extraordinary images of many phenomena that Awe and wonder in the soul

The live view shows a collection of newly captured photos of the space

Star River

In this photo, a torrent of red stars in the Milky Way appeared between 160 and 1300 light-years ago, taken by the European Space Agency (ESA).

– The magnetic field of the sun

This image reveals a beauty that the human eye can not see, is the magnetic field of the sun, captured by the US space agency "NASA"

– fast stars

We have 20 super fast stars on our way to our galaxy at speeds of millions of miles per hour.

– Bubbles in space

In this photo, we see images of gas bubbles enveloping the galaxy NGC 3079 and 67 million light years from Earth.

5_800 million stars

We see all the sky here, with the Milky Way and more than 800 million stars.

-Eta Carina

It is one of the strangest and brightest stars in space, and was picked up by the US space agency "NASA."

– european stars

The stars are 1,500 light-years from Earth, and when it exploded, more than 10 billion light-emitting rays and plasma were blown from their solar system counterparts.

And trust

The image shows a star called MM1 and is more than 10,000 light-years away, but the image also contains two tiny "twin" stars made of dust, discovered by scientists after the magnifying image.

– The North Pole of the Sun

This image reflects the brightness of the vehicle to the northern part of the sun, captured by NASA.

– Steve's phenomenon

In July 2016, scientists discovered a strange phenomenon called Steve, which I think is just a rare form of twilight (a red light at the poles caused by the interaction of particles encoded by the Sun with atmospheric atoms).

But scientists have discovered that this phenomenon does not belong to dusk, and the nature of this phenomenon is still mysterious, and "Steve" refers to the strengthening of thermal emission velocity strongly.

– Sunsets

This image is associated with the famous solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, where scientists drew this illustration of the solar radiation and magnetic field emanating from it.

– Total clouds

The image taken by scientists to illuminate parts of the sun and return to the solar eclipse, which we referred to in the previous point.

dead star

The image shows a spiral dust emitted by a dead star, produced by the Arry telescope in Chile.

– Antenna Enlargement

This image was taken by an astronaut, showing the orange glow of Earth, known as "air to grow", a chemical reaction in Earth's atmosphere.

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