Monday , March 1 2021

Semba's list of Al-Ahli. Saad supports the defense. Excludes Ramadan and the warrior. And the return of Rabia and Ashour.

Uruguayan coach Martin Lasarte has announced the departure of Tanzanian Simba at 9.00 on Saturday in the third round of Group D of the African Champions League.

Ahli coach Hossam Ashour and team leader Rami Rabia decided after a long absence, when Red's team lost 18 players for injury, lack of restraint and dismissal.

Ahli lost the wing of Ramadan Sobhi of the youth team and Islam warrior due to injury, while Saad Samir entered the list, despite yesterday's injury suffered a bruise in the ankle that led to the swelling.

Al-Ahly lost 11 players due to injury: Ramadan Sobhi, Mohammed Mahmoud, Islam Mahareb, Yasser Ibrahim, Hamdi Fathi, Ali Lotfi, Walid Azaro, Marwan Mohsen, Mohammed Najib, Walid Suleiman and Ahmed Fathi.

Al Ahly dismissed Salif Koulibali and Midi Jaber Al Maqidin from Africa, being unable to name Ali, Ahmed El Sheikh, Amr Gamal, Saleh Jumaa and Angolan Geraldo for several reasons, bringing the number of players to 18.

The list of Al Ahly is as follows:

Sherif Ikrami, Mohamed El Shennawy, Mohamed Hany, Saad Samir, Ayman Ashraf, Rami Rabia, Ali Maaloul, Amr El Sulouia, Hisham Mohamed, Hossam Ashour, Karim Nidved, Mohamed Xif, Ahmed Hammoudi, Nasser Maher, Mahmoud Wahid, Hussein El Shahat , Salah Mohsen.

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