Razer Launches Core X Chroma Processing Unit for $ 399


Razer announced its new version of the Core X Chroma Graphics Box, which features a third-party video card that supports desktop-like laptops with Chroma RGB.

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The new Razer Core X Chroma from the Razer Core X Chroma comes with 700 W, USB and Ethernet connectivity as well as a three slot slot for the new Razer Core X Chroma. Screen Card.

Razer also offers this version with a unique dual-core Thunderbolt chip that supports efficient load distribution to prevent the keyboard or mouse connection from being interrupted when a Core X Chroma drive is attached to a computer.

The company also offers the new Core X Chroma with a distinctive aluminum design with two Razer Chroma RGB, which fully supports the Windows operating system with Razer Synapse 3 software, with 16.8 million colors available, to enhance the gaming experience .

This version also supports connecting to computers via Thunderbolt 3 port or Thunderbolt 3 with operating system 10.13.4 or later versions of Mac devices.

The Razer Core X Chroma is available for $ 399 and is available today in the US market and will be released in more international markets later.



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