Sunday , February 28 2021

& Quot; Doomsday & # 39; in incredible detail up close!

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – NASA has released new images of the asteroid Pino from the end-of-the-world asteroid that scientists believe is moving toward our planet, representing the most dangerous space object that threatens the lives of millions of people on Earth .
NASA's Osiris Rex vehicle continues its success in approaching Pino and taking detailed photos of the asteroid, which is as far from the sun as Earth.
The Osiris Rex mission, which was launched in 2016 and arrived in Pino in December 2018, is to conduct a detailed survey of the asteroid, one of the most ambitious space exploration missions in the history of mankind.
Photos taken by NASA on Jan. 17, a mile from the surface of the asteroid Pine, revealed precise details of a rock mass that looks like a giant oak.
NASA had already made it clear that Pino's collision with Earth generates 80,000 times the energy generated by the bombing of the Japanese city of Hiroshima in August 1945.

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