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Sharjah, November 5, 2005 (WAM) – Arab poets and critics have confirmed
The cultural program of the Sharjah International Book Fair, held in
Expo Center Sharjah on the role played by age in the absence of identity for poetry
Especially modern written by young people .. Note that hair has changed from a stage
Rhetoric rhetoric for the reality of writing on paper are disrupted in the effect of absence
The audience of poetry and the reluctance to attend to the advice and nights provided by the poets

This happened during a literary symposium entitled "Contemporary Poems" presented by both
From the United Arab Emirates poet Adel Khozam and the critic Dr. Maysaa Khawaja
Indonesian author and publisher Aventi Armand and touched on the impact of
Modern poeticism and lack of interest shown by publishers in the print of diwaniyah
The pasta of new poets.

The poet of the Emirates Adel Khuzam confirmed that modern poetic voices
Still has not found your identity yet .. pointing to the presence of many publishers away from the publication
Especially poetic pedals for new poets create a situation of
The genre of literary genres.

"The poetry of the platforms, which needs rhetorical and rhetorical effect, is different
To say what is written on the paper at the moment .. Let's see the absence of this
The type of hair, especially among young people, the hair suffers at the cost of
Other literary productions like the novel, for example, lead to the absence of an audience
Hair ".

For his part, the critic Maysaa Khawaja pointed out that poetry
He must come down from his ivory tower and address the issues that touch people .. Confirmed
The poet should not worry about his personal identity, whether personal or social.
He should open his poem to others and talk to them through his creations and present
Common Problems

In turn, Avanti Armand pointed out that the new generation is suffering from a condition
Marginalization … so that young people are about to lose their sense
Which she described as a source of beauty and poetic literary achievement
As the primary mechanism that forces its owner to complete his project.

As part of the cultural program of the Sharjah International Book Fair, the "Forum"
Literature "a dialogue session in which Arab and Japanese writers and novelists participated
How to hear literary voices from different cultures and how much
Literature in the establishment and construction of bridges of communication, love and peace between different

Participated in moderated session by writer and translator Alison
Marcin Pool Each of the Japanese novelists Kanaku Nishi is a writer and novelist.
Syrian Fadi Azzam, novelist and Japanese writer Shogo Oktani and writer
Translated from Japanese by Naoko Kishida President of Japanese Cultural Center
The UAE.

"I lived in the United Arab Emirates," said Naoko Kishida.
For over 30 years all my children have grown up here and have been drinking with culture
Arab and we know their wealth and through my work in the center of Japanese culture
In the field of translation and writing, I try to introduce Arab culture
For the Japanese reader in his actual form. "

"There is a wrong stereotype about Arab culture and we devote ourselves to our efforts
At the Japanese culture center of the United Arab Emirates to remove them and provide the real face
We live in the United Arab Emirates and enjoy the highest degree of tolerance, love and peace.
With the various nationalities that live with us here, where the State has allocated a Ministry of Tolerance
And another for happiness and through my writings I try to reverse this image of civilization that
Beaten by the UAE community ".

In his experience, Kanako Nishi said: "I am a Japanese writer who has lived a period of
I live in several Arab and non-Arab countries and I come to my settlement in my homeland
Japan This experience allowed me to learn about many cultures
I lived closely in the countries where I lived, which was reflected in my writings
Through which I seek to provide a variety of writing styles, highlighting the richness of civilization
And human cultural achievements throughout the world. "

For his part, Fadi Azzam said: "I felt the importance of literature in bringing together
Cultures from the early years where he studied literature and dominated journalism in periods of
My Writing Experience ".

"In my experience I see myself not thinking much about it," Shogu Oktani said.
The reader wants him to write what I feel and what I want to express and I look forward to writing
The original text is in Japanese and I translated into English as I
To write in a simple way, as this helps me connect the Japanese culture
The receiver is uncomplicated and smooth. "


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