"Oxford" reveals the failures of the Iranian regime in its "dirty" electronic war against the Kingdom


"Twitter" closes thousands of accounts that attack Riyadh with the support of Tehran

Iran continues its anti-Arab policy, mainly against Saudi Arabia, as it represents a religious, economic and political symbol of the Arab nation, from the ocean to the Gulf. His war against the Arabs is not limited to supporting the terrorist group Huthi with weapons and equipment in confrontation with the Saudi Arabian coalition for the liberation of Yemen or to spend generously on mercenaries and armed militias in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen. To spread the violence and upheaval in those countries, but Tehran has adopted a dirty electronic war, which has supported thousands of accounts on social networking sites, and used in launching electronic warfare against the Arabs, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Iran in its electronic war warned the international community that these accounts belong to Saudi citizens living in the kingdom and are not satisfied with the country's government but the effort failed after the Oxford Internet Institute unveiled a study titled "Intervention Digital Iranian in the Arab World ". Thousands of accounts were seized on social networking sites that date back to Iran and used to attack Saudi Arabia to discredit its reputation and cause confusion.

The study, based on precise evidence, has confirmed that Iran's intervention in Arab politics has become more evident since the Arab Spring protests in 2011, stating Iran's attempts to expand its influence in the region through political confrontation with Saudi Arabia believe that Riyadh adopts the defense of the Arab nation. And it supports the countries affected by Iran, such as Yemen, Syria, Lebanon and Bahrain.

The study said that "in October 2018, Twitter revealed about 770 accounts likely to return to Iran In this study was verified Twitter written in Arabic in these calculations and found that Arabic is the third language most widely used in Iranian data collection Noting that "the tweets were not intended to promote social networks with other Arab users but were aimed at promoting certain websites, in addition to 69% of the links being for Arabic, pro-Iran news sites and attacking Arab policies, including politics of Saudi Arabia, in addition to promoting it These accounts for political sites overseen by Iranian organizations.

Evidence from the Oxford study confirms that Iran is fully committed to its political agenda of weakening the Arab states, which is done according to Iran's plan to besiege the kingdom and raise social problems through the imaginary calculations that Iran spends. Saudi Arabia, as if it belonged to Saudi citizens.

The study found that, given the growing importance of social media platforms around the world, foreign actors have used these platforms to intervene in the policies of other countries and although Iran is constantly interfering with Arab politics – whether militarily or by supporting non-state actors – This digital intervention is a modern strategy, adopted by Iran to exert influence in the Arab world.

In October 2018, Twitter published two sets of data, including 3,841 IRA accounts and 770 accounts impacting on Iran. Twitter stopped those accounts in August 2018 because of its involvement in coordinated manipulation on that platform.

The Oxford study reveals the extent of the growing hatred of the mullahs over Saudi Arabia, which refuses to follow the same path, believing that this regime will collapse by itself, because it has the causes of its death through its rejected policy by all the countries of the world. It manipulates religion and leverages Iranian funds to achieve personal political goals.


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