Saturday , October 23 2021

Obamyang approaches Chinese league


Before signing for Arsenal, Pierre Emeric Obamiang was associated with the Chinese team Guangzhou Evergrand, who was close to his team, and now that the club did not qualify for the Champions League, the Chinese team returned as a future destination for the Gabonese player , with an attractive offer.
Obamyang drew attention this season with 22 goals in the Premier League, dividing Liverpool's top scorers with Mohammed Salah and Sadio Mani.

But his team's failure to qualify for the Champions League and their fifth-place overall ranking raises many questions about the future of the player who always wants to play at the highest level.

And the club's thought "Ghanars" in strengthening its human form to compete for titles next season, can lead you to sacrifice your goals, especially in the presence of a compelling offer.

Before the transfer of the Gabonese star, a year and a half ago, from Dortmund to Arsenal for 64 million euros, he was close to signing with the Chinese team in Guangzhou.

The Asian giants still seem to be interested in the deal with Opamia, according to the German newspaper Kicker, which issued an agreement guaranteeing 340,000 euros a week to Arsenal.

Arsenal's physical advantage over the deal may motivate him to agree to the move, as team treasurers need extra money, especially after they do not qualify for the Champions League, which is making a lot of money in the club's coffers .

In addition, the transfer of Obamyang to another team will release the Arsenal of the 4.2 million euros paid by the club each season.

The Gabon international, who will celebrate his 30th birthday next week, is linked to a contract with the Gunners extended until 2021.

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