"Now" the English Premier League / Premier League clash is on fire and Manchester City are in the lead


The following table shows the table of the English Premier League after Sunday games: Manchester City beat Tottenham Hotspur 0-0 on Saturday (4/20/2019) in the English Premier League. Manchester City, of victory, is at the top of the English Premier League table and Manchester City scored the goal.

Manchester City had 86 points after a goal at Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City, one point behind Liverpool, who are second with 85 points, Tottenham are third with 67 and Arsenal in the center. The fourth, with 66 points, equal to fifth placed Chelsea, with 66 points and goal balance, Manchester United occupies the sixth place with 64 points.

English Premier League table

Rankings of the English Premier League after the goal of the Egyptian pharaoh "Mohamed Salah"

  • Sergio Aguero from Manchester City 19 goals
  • Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool player 19 goals
  • Sadiomani player Liverpool 18 goals
  • Obamyang Arsenal 18 goals
  • Harry Kane Tottenham 17 goals
  • Rahim Stirling Manchester City 17 goals
  • Chelsea defender Eddin Hazard scored 16 goals
  • Jamie Fardy Leicester City 15 goals
  • Paul Bjumpa Manchester United 13 goals
  • Lakazit Arsenal player 13 goals

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