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"Now" set the receiver on the last Saudi channel sbc frequency in the satellite Nilesat and Arabsat


Now frequency channel sbc Saudi Arabia 2019 on NileSat and ArabSat, the nascent channel that launched a giant in the skies of the distinguished Arab media, took the time to provide all new in the world diversified diversified fertile media with the finest and finest variety of religious, political and social programs as well characterized by offering programs for women, including distinctive cooking programs, programs for children, and provided a distinguished group of exclusive shows and films through its distinctive screen that provides everything that is new to your audience.

New channel sabc

The first beginning of the broadcast of the Saudi channel SBC was with the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan of 2018, and specifically on Tuesday, May 15, 2018, corresponding to 29 Shaaban 1439, to transmit through the media channels content that maintains values ​​and respects the traditions and traditions of the original Arabic. Diversification In terms of the programs it offers, which deal with all categories of Saudi society in particular and Arab society in general, seeks to present all the novelties and conditions of the Arab countries according to their habits and their origins.

Channel sbc Saudi Arabia The Saudi Arabian government has launched a huge advertising campaign for the Saudi channel sbc entitled "Love and Love", to launch the Saudi channel sbc through a team and a youth work team to keep up with the times, working to make the new channel, under the permanent spotlight, to become one of the most important channels in Saudi Arabia, which exists and spread in many Arab countries and the Middle East.

Frequency channel sbc Saudi Arabia via satellite 2019

You can follow the most important programs provided by the channel through the Nilesat and Arabsat satellite through the following frequencies to follow directly live without cutting or touching and following the most important news through the frequency:

Channel Frequency Polar Correction coefficient Encoding rate Satellite
12284 My head 3/4 27500 NileSat
12149 Horizontal 3/4 27500 Arabic Sabbath

Sbc latest channel programs

It was the channel's first launch during the last month of Ramadan, so he was eager to provide a variety of programs ranging from religious, cultural and youth programs to women and children.

This is in addition to a large number of exciting Gulf series, that viewers are willing to follow first hand and loved by all the Gulf masses and starring the main stars of the Persian Gulf.

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