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Abu Dhabi, June 19, 2006 (WAM) – The United Arab Emirates (UAE) today said that the United Arab Emirates are eager to achieve stability in the region as it is the basis for development and progress towards development and progress in all fields of development and construction. And development.

The newspapers urged the world to take a firm and firm stand against all those who threaten the security and stability of the region and eradicate extremism and terrorism, which have exhausted the forces of many countries and destabilized their security, pointing to the suffering of the peoples of several countries Arabs for decades due to the terrorist group "Ikhwan".

The stability factor is the main guarantee of the process of construction and development in any country or region, and stability itself is each country's responsibility to its people and also to its regional environment, which is a stable complement to the stability of the country. State. The United Arab Emirates is committed to maintaining the stability of the region as a partner in the process of development and stability in the Arab world.

She pointed out that this is what Anwar Gargash emphasized in his address to the World Security Forum, highlighting the position of the UAE on various issues in the region, emphasizing the need for stability, economic development, a healthy political climate and security against the attempts of some forces threat to security and stability in the region. And he called for policies that encourage moderation, tolerance and rejection of extremism, and pointed out that "those living in the most stable areas should not underestimate the value of this stability."

Over the last five years, the UAE has contributed $ 25 billion to Arab countries, accounting for more than two-thirds of its budget for foreign aid. The UAE seeks to support Arab countries in all countries. Development, construction and development, and is committed to conveying the successful experiences the world is speaking to its Arab brethren.

The statement said at the end of its editorial that all this is possible only in the case of stability in Arab countries, that stability achieved in the United Arab Emirates thanks to the guidance of wise leadership and to ensure the well-being of people and the cohesion of leadership with the people.

The paper asked the Union how much evidence the international community needed to convince itself that Iran is behind terrorism against oil tankers in the Gulf region, and that a collective action is required to force this regime to stop its criminal acts have exceeded all limits.

In 2019, where modern technology is able to film the "needle-point" of space anywhere in the world, it is inconceivable that six tankers have been attacked in a month in the Sea of ​​Oman, the port is still unknown, and location.

He added that he did not require the publication of new images proving Iran's involvement in the attacks, the only one that has repeatedly threatened to stop the transit of oil in the strategic Strait of Hormuz, provided its oil is harassed by US sanctions and without the need for vague fingerprints , and the accused is clear.

The main problem at the moment is that the different international agreements with the issue give the saboteurs time and again to carry out more sabotage without an impediment or even a direct warning to stop them.

"It is absurd to think that a regime based on repression, extremism and the export of terrorism, like the Iranian regime, could be affected by an ultimatum unless it realizes that it is serious, active and united," she said.

On the other hand, under the title "The Brotherhood Burden," the Al-Watan newspaper said that in many Arab countries, the suffering of its people because of the "Ikhwan" terrorist group was like forced coexistence with an exclusionary epidemic on behalf of religion.

She pointed out that the story of the absence is repentance from all those terrible mysteries of the east that attack most of her state, and the disease has doubled the suffering of the already exhausted Arab body, and minds refuse to take away the garb of ignorance and turn to individually formed devils and groups to kill and atone and betray the accusations of everything The death penalty .. And it is granted to be the judge and the prosecutor and the enforcer at the same time .. It is years and decades of Minzwin blacksmith falsely and contempt in the cloak of religion, to justify their massacres that try to force others to accept and surrender them, whatever.

She added that ever since the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood the everlasting conflict, centered on the structure of the Arab mind, wanted some to fall into the dark and the conflict between reality and the constraints and cages that hinder any traders. Religion that present themselves as exclusive agents of God on Earth.

She added that it is a long period of conflict between those who want to close the mind and restrain it to facilitate control and guidance, and the natural instinct of the person who creates curiosity and curiosity of knowledge, which God Almighty honored and distinguished other bodies.

Many of them walked on their faces shouting slogans and chanting slogans and chants with the bloodshed of those who believed they would be paved for paradise for almost 100 years .. A century full of nations and civilizations rose and reached the human to the moon and seeking the extraction of energy out of nothing And looking forward to the future .. 100 years and some still at the beginning of the third millennium want to be the evaluation of the person by virtue of this religion or that community, and these always give the mind leave when the dispute is not place for dialogue, and the takfir immediately charges filled with a sword. Your basket is automatically against who was classified as unfaithful When the difference simpler ..

The victims, who continue to seek a way out of the mountain of limitations in the minds of 100 years ago, are the history of the prohibition of cinema, theater, museums and the arts. Sports, music and even the smile, which is "charity," at a time when all platforms were open to exchange intellectual bombings and takfir and tahini missiles, both punishable by death, to ward off distorted minds from the context of natural development .

She said that the magician-tied magic story on regime day believed she left the rope extended to anyone who could mobilize the street for her benefit before thousands of people of the nation in the years of destruction falsely named the "Arab Spring" and swearing a river of blood to those who lived with them side by side for a long time.

Al-Watan said at the end of his editorial that it is the tragedies of people in which everything must be portrayed as horror, pain and horror caused by the terrorist group "Ikhwan" and its divisions, which are different by name only.

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