News of Culture Now .. «Safini time» the legacy of the generation lived the most glorious era of the revolution and then ended their dreams of the 1967 invasion


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Posted on: Wednesday, January 30, 2019 – 12:03 | Last updated: Wednesday, January 30, 2019 – 12:03 p

In the presence of Iraqi director and novelist Inam Kaghi, novelist Iman Yahya, two candidates for the Arab Poker Prize, journalist Thomas Georgesian, Tunisian journalist Samah Qadlallah, writer Mohsen Ghamri and publisher Fatima Boudi, novelist and novelist Naeem Sabri signed her latest novel "At the Dar Al Shorouq Pavilion at the 50th Book Fair in Cairo.

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Naeem Sabri said he decided to choose the title of the novel "Safini once" after the most famous songs by Abdel Halim Hafez. The novel tells the story of the revolution of July 1952, whose consciousness began to form with this revolution and the songs of revolution of Abdel Halim. Very.

He added that the novel "Time Safini," that the novel is a gift to this generation, we watched the most eloquent era of the revolution and then ended the 1967 invasion which represented a great fracture and grief for this generation, which collapsed all their hopes and ambitions, especially after the state began the policy of recruiting college graduates. The quality of the recruits and their military service, which lasted a year and a half, lasted seven or eight years, so that all hopes of the young were taken away, and his life turned into a mere number of years waiting and waiting. Restoration of the earth and dignity.

Sabri considered the Cairo Book Fair event much better than previous sessions, noting that it still needs a lot of organization, management, facilities and services for its visitors, as well as a catalog of sites, and visitors from Arab countries, saying : "The exhibition is modern in terms of construction, but the lack of much of the management is strong."

As for the new generation of "Safini Time", this is a novel about a generation that began to become aware of this music. With the rise of Abdel Halim Hafez, a generation began to open with the July Revolution and was sung with Abdel Halim. "The evacuation of the British, the nationalization of the Suez Canal and the 1956 war, the unity of Egypt and Syria, the construction of the High Dam and heavy industrialization, and then began to suffer with their refraction, until the devastating blow of defeat of June 1967 and the loss of all hope.

A generation that was devastated by trauma and subsequent events, he lived in a state of loss. Despite the 1973 war, the subsequent political and social disintegration ensued, so Safini was once a novel about the generation of revolution and defeat.

Naeem Sabri, an Egyptian novelist and poet, graduated from the Faculty of Engineering of Cairo University in 1968. He worked in the field of engineering before becoming a literary writer since 1995. He began his literary career writing poetry and publishing poetry in 1988. conditions ". He then went to the theater and wrote the play "The Well of the Tute", a poetic musical piece. He then wrote his play "The Leader" and then returned to "The Poetry of the Living." He began his prose writing with a book about his childhood story entitled "Diary of an Old Child." He continued his prose writing and published 12 novels to date, including "The Autumn Waves," "Shoubra," "The Clown "," Isis Dreams "and" The Whirlpools of Nostalgia. "

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