News from Egypt "The curse of publicity" .. It is repeated scenario Messi


News from Egypt: Egypt Today: Thursday, April 18
News: Egyptian News – Egyptian News "The Curse of Advertising" .. Is Messi repeated scenario – De Khia with Mohammed Salah?

The Barcelona team, led by their first star, Lionel Messi, has risen to the Champions League semifinals, overcoming the stubborn obstacle of Manchester United.

Messi scored two goals in a 3-0 win over United on Monday.

The Catalans face Liverpool in the semifinals after the latter managed to rise to the same role, after defeating the Porto team with 6 goals in a total of two matches on the round trip, Messi's comrades clashed with their teammates of Salah in the face of fire.

The common factor between Dejaia's face and Messi, and Messi's next showdown with Salah, is that the pair were recently involved in filming two ads with the Argentine.



Curiously, the two ads were plagued by a dispute between Messi and one of the players about the product being announced. However, the dispute between Leo and Deja on the field ended with an overwhelming victory for the Argentine, which fans of Reds and Salah in everyone are eager to repeat in the next game.



The irony was that the masses of "Social Media" reacted sarcastically to them through the "comic" images, where they ridiculed the possibility of repeating what happened to Khaya against Messi, with Salah in the next semi-final.

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