NASA warns on the danger of ice comets on Earth


NASA warns on the danger of ice comets on Earth

Telescopic shot of a comet in 2015 (Getty)
NASA warns on the danger of ice comets on Earth

May 7

NASA warned of the danger of ice comets on the planet. The agency has published two independent studies to explore the threat posed by comets, which may appear unannounced and are extremely difficult to solve.

The two studies indicated that it was difficult to destroy or discredit a comet, warning that only one such glacial object could be detected shortly before arriving on Earth, meaning that the human race could do little to protect itself.

The two studies were published in the archive, an archive of electronic scientific papers written in the areas of physics, mathematics, astronomy, computer science and statistics, which can be accessed online.

On the other hand, a study by scientists at the University of Queensland and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory questioned an earlier study that indicated that Jupiter was a giant shell that protected the planet from asteroids or comets, drawing them into orbit. And comets are likely to be trapped in other orbits, increasing the risk of falling on Earth.

The study found that the threat of impact on Earth by comets is constant.

A NASA-funded team discussed the possibility of detonating comets, using a "guided energy weapon," as a powerful laser.

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