"NASA" proves the presence of water on the moon


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Khalid Salman – Riad on Wednesday, April 17, 2019 04:57 pm – The US space agency "NASA" the existence of deep water on the moon, confirming that it can be achieved.

According to new research published by the agency, they found traces of fly spray as a result of reaching the moon's meteorites and penetrating the crust at varying depths.

The findings provided additional evidence to support the hypothesis that there are larger and older water reservoirs several meters below the surface.

NASA achieved these results through its Lady, who explored the surface of the moon on a mission to collect data on low-emission gases between 2013 and 2014.

"The water is likely to be old, either from the beginning of its formation or from the beginning of the deposition," said Mehdi Pena of the agency's Goddard Space Flight Center.


"The meteorites had to penetrate at least 3 inches below the surface to release water," NASA said.

"Under the dry top layer of the moon there is a thin layer, followed by a moist layer, and it is believed that the water molecules attach to parts of the soil and rocks."

According to the researchers, the water layer contains a concentration of 200 to 500 ppm, or about 0.02 to 0.05% by weight.

This concentration is drier than soil dry soil and corresponds to previous studies.

This means that the moon's soil is very dry, where it needs to process more than one metric ton of soil and swing to collect one liter of water.

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