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NASA is thinking of building huge tents for moon life

NASA wants to send astronauts to life on the moon and in orbit, but has not yet determined the nature of the houses in which they will live.

NASA has given millions of dollars in funding to five companies and commissioned them to build models for lunar houses.

The design was named B330 and produced by Bijelo Aerospace, a Las Vegas-based startup that works with space technology.

The B330 is made of a fabric-like folding material to be placed inside the rocket during a flight from Earth to the moon. When it reaches the moon's orbit, the tent expands to 16.7 meters in length and is equal to a two-story building, providing enough space for six astronauts to live comfortably.

NASA is also studying lunar models developed by Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Sierra Nevada and Lockheed Martin, but the final design may include a combination of them all.

"The bottom line is determining what we like and dislike about these houses," said NASA astronaut Mike Gernhardt.

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