Saturday , June 12 2021

Mourinho explains to Abu Trika .. The difference between his experience with Salah and Abdul Sattar Sabri

José Mourinho, a former Chelsea and Benfica coach, explained the difference between his experience with Egyptian duo Mohamed Salah and Abdel Sattar Sabri.

"Let me first talk about Mohammed Salah because there is a lot of talk about the player and accusations about his leaving Chelsea, and then I will talk about Abdul Sattar Sabri," Mourinho said in response to a question from Mohammed Abu Trika on BBC sports channel " .

Mourinho spent a year with Mohamed Salah, where he asked to be hired by Chelsea, but his first experience with the Egyptians was at Benfica in 2000 when he made his first training experience when Abdul Sattar Sabri was with the Portuguese team.

"When we signed up with Mohammed Salah, he was a young boy who wanted to participate every minute. That was not available at Chelsea with more mature competitors."

"Mohammed Salah was on an adventure to play continuously and played with Fiorentina. He managed to achieve great success and continued to evolve into the way he is now, but certainly not me who agreed to sell it."

"He was a skilled player and it's very important for Benfica right now, and I may have known him at the moment when I was trying to prove myself as technical director, and he was not very disciplined," he said.

"We had some differences of ideas at times, because the coach wanted to be very professional while he was the player who entered the game in a fun and non-disciplined way, but in any case I took two Egyptian coaches, both qualified."

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