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Mohammed bin Rashid: Happiness is in the proper choice of a life partner, not extravagance and extravagance – our life – society

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, vice president, prime minister and ruler of Dubai, said that a happy and connected family is the cornerstone of the UAE’s progress. His Highness said: “The formation of a happy and interdependent family in the Emirates is a basic goal for us. It is a fundamental focus of our vision and a constant priority in all government plans and programs”.

His Highness’s statements came when he accompanied the wedding of the virtual group “The Joy of the Emiratis”, in which 100 grooms participated.

Mohamed Ben Rached:

– With our cohesion, interdependence, cooperation and commitment to precautionary measures, we can overcome the challenges of “Covid-19” and turn them into opportunities.

Creating a happy and interdependent Emirati family is a strategic goal for us and a fundamental axis of our vision.

Simplicity in marriages is the secret of the blessing in married life and an essential part of Zayed’s will for the nation’s children.

The Ministry of Community Development organized the wedding using visual communication technology in five regions of the country simultaneously, with 20 brides per party, in an initiative to celebrate development that aims to improve the approach and the experience of collective marriages.

The group wedding was organized “remotely” in response to precautionary measures designed to combat the emerging coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19).

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said: “Together, with our cohesion, interdependence and cooperation, and our commitment to precautionary measures, we can overcome the challenges resulting from (Covid-19) and even turn them into opportunities, already that collective weddings are an opportunity to multiply our happiness, and also an opportunity to celebrate creative ideas to be overcome. On the challenges of the pandemic ».

His Highness added: “The use of modern technologies to organize this happy event confirms that the people of the United Arab Emirates believe in the importance of science and technological progress, as they are a safe haven for people in crises similar to the Corona pandemic, so our people are armed with knowledge and innovation to overcome challenges. “

His Highness stressed that “the goal of becoming one of the best countries in the world will not be achieved without the cohesion and interdependence of the nucleus of society, which is the family that must establish itself on solid bases and have the opportunity to grow in an and healthy conditions, so we encourage our children not to be extravagant and overdo it. The costs of marriage, especially in weddings, happiness is not due to extravagance and extravagance, but lies in the proper choice of a life partner, mutual respect between the two partners and the failure to burden each other with useless burdens.

His Highness urged those who are about to marry not to be burdened with costs that exceed their capabilities so that they can start their married life free of charge, and also called on families to reduce the burden of marriage and to support and support the sons and daughters of the nation in their steps to form a new family, not only by reducing financial conditions and burdens, but also by providing advice, guidance and direction.

His Highness said: “Simplicity in marriages is the secret of blessing in married life and an essential part of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s will (may God have his soul), for the children of the nation.”

Her Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum congratulated the bride and groom in a message she sent to them through visual communication technology, in which she said: “I would love to congratulate all the people of the nation for this collective marriage. I would love to bless your family, your friends and all your relatives. And the Emirates are always full of joy, achievements and kindness. Praise be to God. Simplicity in marriages is the secret of blessing. And I hope that there is always simplicity and ease in these matters. This is the commandment of Sheik Zayed, may God have mercy on him, on all of us. May God perpetuate goodness, blessings and grace over you and our honorable people.

The virtual collective wedding, under the motto “The Joy of the People of the Emirates”, was carried out due to preventive and precautionary measures to face the repercussions of the Corona pandemic (Covid-19), in five locations in the country. The wedding included several commemorative events that were organized “at a distance”, which cheered the faces and reflected the cohesion and interdependence between the leadership and the people in these exceptional circumstances. The group wedding was organized for Abu Dhabi citizens at the Police Officers Club in Al Ain, for Dubai brides in the “Al Bayt Mitwahid” salon in the Al Warqa area, for Sharjah and Ajman brides on the Muwailih suburb of Sharjah and for the people of Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain in the hall “Al Bayt Mitwah” with permission Mitwah The tent and for the brides of the Emirate of Fujairah in the hall Al Bustan.

It is noteworthy that from 1998 to this year, more than 194 collective marriages were organized in the country, attended by about 9,846 people, and with this hypothetical collective marriage, which is the first virtual collective marriage in the region, the number changes to 195 weddings, and the number of beneficiaries approaches collective weddings. In the state of 10,000 people.

The Ministry of Community Development seeks to establish a culture of group weddings as a community phenomenon and a national conviction that encourages the participation and affluence of young men and women. It also seeks to attract various groups and institutions in society to interact with the idea of ​​group weddings and to support them financially and morally under the umbrella of “social responsibility”, given their large role in savings. For young people financially, and giving them the opportunity to explore the expenses that are spent on marriages in other matters that contribute to the formation of stable and balanced families, and able to participate actively in a cohesive society.

10,000 people the number of beneficiaries of collective marriages in the country

Hessa Buhumaid. ■ file

The Minister of Community Development, Hessa bint Issa Buhumaid, confirmed that the number of beneficiaries of collective marriages in the country is around 10,000 people, adding that since 1998, 195 marriages have been organized.

She said that 100 youth godmothers in the country today establish 100 cohesive and happy families to start their marriage, family and future life with confidence and tranquility.

She also confirmed that virtual collective marriage reflects in her idea the meanings of unity, cohesion, unity and happiness together, and embodies the expanded joy of the people of the Emirates.

She added: “Today we have a package of smart and electronic family services that achieve the principle of happiness and improve the quality of life for members of society and guarantee proactive access to beneficiaries of ministry services of different ages and groups, within the scope of support for family stability and cohesion and the achievement of community cohesion and cohesion, in addition to meeting the Ministry’s aspirations “. Young people in the construction of interconnected families ».

She addressed a number of services that deal with the family and young people, such as the marriage grant service, participation in group marriage, participation in the “preparation” program to qualify those about to be married and request counseling. family, among others.

She also stated that the Ministry will continue to provide the best services and adopt the latest ideas and initiatives that generate joy, happiness and positivity, and leave a happy and lasting impact on the community, in addition to reaching more community partnerships to achieve the goals of development and achieving a better quality of life for all emiratis, based on the country’s national agenda. The United Arab Emirates 2021, which seeks to maintain a cohesive society proud of its identity and affiliation, providing an inclusive environment that integrates various segments of society in its fabric, preserves the culture, heritage and traditions of the United Arab Emirates and strengthens its cohesion community and family to achieve the objectives of the centenary of the Emirates, which seeks to promote the reality of the family of the Emirates to incorporate “Society 2071”. Dubai ■ WAM

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