Microsoft is working on launching only a new Xbox


Prior to the E3 games, there were rumors that Microsoft was planning to launch the Xbox. On the show, Microsoft officially introduced Project Scarlett, which seems to come with one device, not two.

According to rumors and new leaks, Microsoft will focus on a single device with the main specifications. If we talk about the symbolic names, it will be the device that bears the symbolic name Anaconda and comes in high technical specifications compared to the Lockhart the weaker in terms of specifications and cheaper of course.

We do not know exactly what happened and Microsoft did not think, especially because the cheapest device was cloud-based, especially running games, so relying on the processor was simpler.

But the developers seem to have an interesting insight as the task of developing the games to work well on two devices is harder than just one device as they are being developed to fit the smaller specification device and increase its ability to operate on top.

With the improved features of xCloud and its ability to offer better game quality and a better response experience, Lockhart became a stumbling block to Microsoft, so I decided to abandon it.

The new Xbox is expected to be released next year in 2020, coinciding with the release of Halo Infinite.


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