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Dear viewers through our illustrious Egyptian stars in Egypt and the Arab world, we are pleased to meet you today through this article on the frequency of CNBC Arabia, the channel that since it began broadcasting in 2003 and has a great view in the world Arabic Especially those accompanying the economic, financial and business markets and international exchanges.

CNBC Arabic is a free 24-hour free channel for Arab viewers, affiliated with CNBC International and owned by the US company Lomcast and broadcasts its Dubai Media Production City programs in the United Arab Emirates.

Learn more about CNBC Arabia's latest frequency on the Nilesat satellite

The most important programs offered by CNBC Arabia

The channel is concerned with economic news, which is an economic channel, follows the Arab and Arab markets, especially the Gulf markets, harbors specialists in Arab world economy and offers various programs that discuss economic situation, stock exchange, stock exchanges. values, energy prices, gold and silver.

  1. Exchange program.
  2. Follow the market.
  3. Business session program.
  4. Weekly dialogue program.
  5. Ain Aly Egypt, Kuwait.
  6. Official lecturer of the program.
  7. Markets Kalam.
  8. World Bank.
  9. Program between numbers.

Learn more about the new frequency of CNBC Arabia

Channel name Satellite Frequency Polarization coefficient Encoding factor
CNBC Arabic Channel NileSat 11785 V 27500

At the end of the article, we hope that our viewers will enjoy watching CNBC's Arabic programs.

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