Wednesday , April 21 2021

Learn About Signs Of Early Dementia

Experts believe that in order to take measures to treat dementia (senile dementia) must know its early signs, andThese tags are: –


He does not remember what happened in the recent past, does not absorb important information, and forgets the schedules of meetings, meetings, and promises. All these things give a good reason to see a specialist.

Confusion in time and space

If a person wakes up in the morning but does not know where he is and for how long, he should follow his health, as this may indicate tiredness and exhaustion and pause for rest and recreation. But if this condition repeats, consult your doctor because it is dangerous.

Sleep Problems

When a person sleeps more than 9 hours continuously without realizing it, this is evidence of the development of dementia. It is clear that in this case sleep does not lead to illness, it is a sign to indicate it.

The supply (redness)

The tendency of the skin to redness, hypersensitivity and frequent onset of purulent cutaneous ulcers and rashes may be indirect evidence of problems in the blood vessels in the brain.

Behavior change

The tendency to indifference, lack of interest in life, lack of desire for new information, and any activity, excessive emotion or vice versa can be rude, behavior related to the first signs of dementia.

Loss of sensitivity

The symptoms of severe dementia are loss of sensation: people with Alzheimer's feel less pain than healthy ones and do not react quickly to cold and heat.

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