Lawrence Iskra shows a stylish look in New York


New York Madeleine Saadeh

The 28-year-old Eskra Lawrence shone brightly on the streets of New York on Monday after enjoying a perfect vacation in the Maldives last week.

Glamor, with a stunning view, wore a green summer dress to spend the night outside, and the blonde girl, curving her body hourly, emerged from her hotel in New York.

Her green and gray dress features a side opening at the top of her thigh that accentuates her long legs while the dress featured a sleek design that revealed her bare shoulders. She added a pair of green short-sleeved sandals and added a colored shade to the bag bright yellow. Brilliant with a soft touch of makeup, her blonde hair was naturally pulled down from her back and shoulders.

Laurence, the fashion star, spent the night celebrating the "Aerie" brand, for which she worked as a stylist for several years, the parent company "American Eagle Outfitters".

The company was honored at the AAFA American Image Awards at the Plaza Hotel, where Iskra Lawrence joined CEO Jay Steinstein to honor the brand as the best retailer this year.

Born in Worcestershire, Lawrence was admitted to the National Youth Theater at age 15. She was also a national swimmer of the same age; she has always been an influential model advocate for publishing images through social media and other platforms without using Photoshop or any other software to enhance or modify images.

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