Launch of military training for "Shield Arab – 1" Mohammed Najib ONA – ONews agency



The Joint Educational Activities (Arab Shield – 1), which will run until 16 November, will start with the Mohammed Najib Military Fund and the North Military Territory Training Areas, as well as the joint air and sea training areas in the Mediterranean.

The arrival of all power and equipment to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Jordan and Kuwait has come to an end in recent days through air bases and seaports.

A co-ordination conference between leaders of the participating countries was organized for the transfer and exchange of training experiences, the Armed Forces Training Corps Assistant asserted that Arab Shield 1 training is one of the best practices that will take place at the Arab world level. With advanced technology weapons and equipment to maximize the use of participating forces, pointing out that "Armor Arabs 1" training is the first Arab common training to take place exclusively in Egypt's land.

The first stages of the training include the involvement of the participating forces in the training, as well as many theoretical and practical presentations in order to harmonize operational concepts and coordinate joint efforts to implement the planned training tasks. The aim of the training is to exchange training, training, air, ground and air defense forces and hostilities in the participating forces.

Training of Arab Shields -1 is one of the most important exercises that will lead to the emergence and strengthening of military cooperation between the Egyptian armed forces and the Arab Armed Forces and the emergence of joint Arab action in the light of the current challenges of the region.


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