Saturday , February 22 2020
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Launch of a global campaign to remove "Nobel" from Kerman

The international campaign to remove the Nobel Prize for Brotherhood leadership, Tawakul Kerman, was launched on Sunday because of its continued support for terrorism and its incitement against Arab regimes. Mohammed Al-Dulaimi, secretary-general of the Arab Women's Foundation and head of the campaign, said the campaign's executive program includes Arab and international forums and press conferences in various Arab and international capitals, as well as meetings with Nobel laureates for explain the nature of Kerman's paper and documented practices. International prestigious award.
Al-Dulaimi said that Tawkul Kerman belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood movement, which is on the lists of terrorist organizations in most countries of the world and is covered by the list of sanctions for all its leaders and activists under its umbrella. He added that the Nobel Prize winner is working against his country and nation and encourages support for terrorism, the spread of hatred and hatred among peoples and the encouragement of all means to destroy the stability of the Arab countries. The Paris-based committee said Nobel Prizes will be held in major capitals including Paris, London and Washington, as well as Arab capitals in Africa, and in Addis Ababa, which Kerman takes as the gateway to Yemen.
Cairo will see the first of the campaign's activities late next month at a prominent forum of Arab figures in the fields of media, politics, law, art and culture to expose Kerman's methods of supporting terrorism and explaining the nature of roles it plays for countries and organizations that support terrorism. (Agencies)

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