Jordanian Show "Women with no resources" .. A new sheet of play in the women's defense archive


After the dramas of "Adam's Silk" and "Female Shadows," Jordanian director Iyad Shatnawi goes in his defense of women and tries to get her out of the circle of social oppression.

The two previous plays by the same director have dealt with different models of oppression of women in Arab societies, either physically through harassment or rape, or psychologically depriving them of the right to work and holding positions and equality with men.

The new program, "Women Without Profiles," features three models of pregnant women in a basement with a gendarme torturing them with whip and oppressed by oppression and punishment as punishment for pregnancy. As events grow, the personalities of each of them begin to manifest.

The first is a young girl who was carried by her boyfriend in Sokra al-Gharam, and the second is a night girl who was carried by a revolutionary person who met him one night during his police station. The third is a woman who lived with her husband and all her guilt.

The executioner continues to manipulate women, incorporating all forms of social, political, religious and moral domination of women and at one time compromises the lives of their children in exchange for freedom, but women refuse to mean the hope of tomorrow and the birth of new generations capable of change.

For 60 minutes, events take place on stage amid a deliberate blindness that reflects the background of the three women and their poor health. Lighting is limited to three points of light dominated by women, so narration is the largest participant in the transmission of the message.

The decor is on a few empty drums used in the water-immersed torture technique, which the director explored artistically to varying degrees, such as replacing the night girl with her clothes behind her, and the smoke emanating from within her as an influence on the theatrical work.

The show starring Arig Dababneh, Rana Thalji, Talaouba and Ali Alian, a text by Iraqi author Abdul Amir Shamki.

"The program carries a lot of messages and opens the door to a lot of questions and discussions, which means it has come to the scenes," director Iyad Shatnawi told a seminar after the Sunday play at the Cairo National Theater.

"I relied on the simplicity of the piece, using a very simple vocabulary, we spread it to the general concept, because it is the final stage for people, the intellectual and the ignorant, which is understood by my grandmother and understood by the intellectual, political and others."

The show "Women Without Profiles" competes in eight performances at the Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi Award for Best Theater at the 11th Arab Theater Festival, held January 10-16.


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