Jordan – How many cups of coffee can you drink a day?


(MENAFN – Khaberni) – If you are nervous or do not get enough sleep, check the amount of caffeine you take each day. Also some medications do not fit with the consumption of coffee. Otherwise, health recommendations estimate the amount of caffeine safely per day at 400 mg, but the number of cups or cups of coffee that remain within these limits will vary according to the type of coffee. The espresso cup contains more caffeine than a cup of Turkish coffee. Double espresso contains 125 mg of caffeine while Turkish coffee contains 65 mg

As most espresso drinkers take a double dose (double) the amount of caffeine per cup, in this case about 125 mg. The Turkish coffee cup contains at most 65 mg of caffeine.

The American coffee cup contains between 30 and 90 mg of caffeine, and Arabian coffee beans are richer in caffeine than other coffee beans.

In general, the health recommendations of drinking coffee warn of the symptoms of more than 4 cups per day, which include: headache, insomnia, increased urination, muscle spasms and heart rate acceleration.

If you are a coffee lover and want to adjust the amount within safe limits, you can take a few cups of decaffeinated coffee, which contains 20% of the caffeine found in plain coffee.

There are no worries about calories in black coffee and the cup only contains one calorie! But when you add milk and sugar. The addition of a little milk, the proportion of fat in which 2 percent means the addition of 15 calories to the glass, and each scoop of sugar into 16 calories.



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