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In numbers … France loses if Arab and Islamic countries boycott its products

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In numbers … Losses of France if Arab and Islamic countries boycott their products, today, Monday, October 26, 2020 17:11

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Voices are increasing in the Arab and Islamic world to boycott French products, due to the tension caused by the launch of the offensive cartoons to Prophet Muhammad, that peace be upon him.

Data from ITC Trade, a United Nations project, show that France’s total exports to countries around the world last year were $ 555.1 billion, which is more than half a trillion dollars.

France’s exports to 7 Arab countries last year totaled around US $ 29 billion, the most important of which to Morocco and Algeria.

The volume of trade exchanges between Algeria and France in 2019 reached about 10.209 billion dollars, of which exports from France to Algeria accounted for 5.513 billion dollars, against 4.696 billion dollars of imports.

This means that the trade balance is in favor of Paris at US $ 817 million.

With Morocco, trade exchanges last year reached almost $ 11.58 billion, of which $ 5.336 billion were French exports to Morocco.

Trade exchanges between France and Tunisia in 2019 reached around US $ 9 billion, and exports of French products to Tunisia accounted for almost US $ 3.8 billion.

France’s exports to Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt total about US $ 14 billion, most of which to Qatar, reaching US $ 4.295 billion.

The trade balance between France and Qatar is favorable to Paris at US $ 3.537 billion, as France imports goods worth just US $ 758 million from Qatar, compared to exports worth US $ 4.295 billion.

The trade balance is also favoring Paris in its trade with the United Arab Emirates by US $ 1.929 billion, as France exports more goods to the United Arab Emirates than it imports by US $ 1.929 billion (exports of US $ 3.647 billion, imports US $ 1.718 billion).

Exports of French products to Saudi Arabia last year totaled US $ 3.361 billion, and to Egypt, the value of US $ 2.575 billion.

It is noteworthy in the ITC Trade website data that exports from France to Turkey in 2019 totaled around $ 6.655 billion and, taking into account Paris’ trade with the Arab countries mentioned above, we found that France’s exports to the eight countries (Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, Qatar, Tunisia, Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt) last year reached 35 billion dollars.

The most prominent French media also highlighted the campaign to boycott French products, launched in several Arab and Islamic countries.

The newspaper “Le Parisien” said that the campaign is expanding in the Arab world “at a time when many are revolting against the French state’s support for the right to blasphemy and the ridicule of sacred things”.

The newspaper highlighted the boycott campaigns organized in Qatar, Kuwait and Jordan, as well as the vigil organized by dozens outside the French ambassador’s residence in Israel.

The BFMTV website says that “it increases tension between France and some Islamic countries”, coinciding with the boycott campaigns in the Gulf countries, Turkey and Iran.

The RFI website confirmed that the boycott campaign “could harm many French companies”, and that the issue is not limited to food products, as 430 travel agencies have decided to suspend the purchase of airline tickets to France.

On the other hand, 20 Minutes noted that the boycott campaign “aims to send symbolic messages rather than harm the French economy”, which will not be much affected by the campaign.

And the Foreign Ministry said that in recent days there have been calls in several Middle Eastern countries to boycott French products, especially food, as well as calls to protest against France due to the publication of cartoons about Prophet Muhammad, that peace be upon him .

And Itamaraty considered that “these calls for a boycott are unfounded and must be stopped immediately, as are all attacks directed at our country driven by the extremist minority”.

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