I cleaned the club .. And I left a video of my children "save everything"


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President of Zamalek on the cigarette incident: He purified the club .. And left a video of my children "save everything", quoting Masrawy's website, on Friday, April 5, 2019.

Books – Omar Qora:

Zamalek's boss revealed the details of the fight between him and two women at the river club on the Nile Corniche because they smoked inside the club on Thursday night.

"I got a phone call from the club's security saying two women, one of them non-members, were drinking cannabis inside the club," Zamalek's president said in a YouTube video.

"It was normal for me to go to the club immediately, and I threw a pack of cigarettes and covers on the Nile, and they threatened to arrest me, but I released a document against them at the public prosecutor's office."

He continued: "Husband's husband called me and told me (Abus Jzmtk I make a record on the curse she said and the subject matter for cannabis because of her future because they work on television).

"Those who filmed the video are not members of the club and threatened a top state official, but the club's cameras have detected the woman's insults and the abuse of security personnel."

He continued: "Was this fictional story invented because Zamalek crowned the Super Africa Handball Championship?"

"I am the most beloved person in Egypt, and no one is offering my love for my country," he said.

"You want me to leave a drug-dealing woman in the club? I cleaned him up because we're raising a respectable player." Zamalek is respectful and respectful.

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Source: Masrawy


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