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How to transfer your WhatsApp conversations to your new phone?

Without a doubt, WhatsApp is the world's most popular instant messaging application, used by millions around the world and sending billions of messages a day.

However, if your phone is damaged or you buy a new one, you will lose all your important conversations and messages with your colleagues, relatives and even friends, which include your favorite memories of photos, videos and audio clips.

With this method, you can simply transfer your data from your old phone to the new one, no problem, and there are three different ways to save your old messages and retrieve them.

1- Through WhatsApp itself
By accessing chat and selecting chat backup, the app will upload your content online, and when you download the app to the new phone, choose chat restore and your chat will be downloaded.

2. With your Google Drive account
Same as the previous steps, but you'll choose to upload via Google Drive, and after downloading the app to your new phone, choose to restore your Google Drive content.

3- If your phone is Android
You will go to the file manager, then copy the WhatsApp folder to external memory, and after downloading the application on the new Android phone you will choose to restore the chat but via the external memory card sd card, and get the chat you want.

4- If you are an iPhone
Download the free 3utools app, back up all your data, then plug in your new phone and choose restore will transfer all your files, including WhatsApp and the rest of the apps in the same settings you set.

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