House of Poetry in Marrakech celebrates the experience of Mohamed El Sheikhi


Dar Al-Shaer in Marrakech celebrated the experience of the Moroccan poet Mohamed El-Sheikhi on a night of "poetry experiences". Critics Najib Al-Awfi, Beshra Takfrast and Khadija Tawfiq spoke at the cultural center of the city.
He is one of the poets of the seventies in Morocco, who created a remarkable illumination during the course of the modern Moroccan poem and, throughout his career of 50 years of poetry, established his unique voice through poetic poetry in the plains of Arabic poetry.
Al-Awfi noted that the sheik's experience, a profound poetic experience, is a poet who begins in the early seventies and is emotionally and intellectually proud of this stage and plunges into the depths of his hot worries, dreams and questions, expressing this poetically through its distinct dialects: Trees. " He added: What distinguishes the sheik's experience is to celebrate poetry and life as a form of resistance and struggle through the language of a solid and universal between inheritance and modernity.
Khadija Tawfiq underlined the need for poetic criticism to celebrate the serious and pioneering experiences of the modern Moroccan poem, and focused on the path of transformation in the sheik's experience and its concept of poetry and its function, visions of existence and poetic questions of the poet, pointed out the presence of the male mystic in his poetry, To the poet.
While Takfrast stopped, when poetic criticism is necessary to investigate poetic experiences that possess this richness, we find no power in the choices of critics.


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