Home Politics Amr Moussa in a comprehensive dialogue: "The Constitution itself provided ways to change the law" in my country


Amr Moussa, former Secretary-General of the Arab League and former Foreign Minister, said that the Egyptian delegation, led by Dr. Mustafa Madbouli, Prime Minister and Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, attended the Davos Forum, where he spoke clearly during the forum and attended Davos "Since he was Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs, where the forum talks about the future of the world and globalization, and know the United States position and its policy on certain subjects, the position of China, Japan, India and other countries in many things.

He added "Moussa" during his dialogue on the "history" show, with the media Amr Adib, on the channel "MBC Egypt", that the situation was discussed in the Arab region, which is experiencing great turbulence, and it was necessary to know if this turbulence will affect the region's economy whether or not the scientific perspective of this future, and whether oil will remain in its current importance in the future, or whether scientific discoveries will give new sources of energy.

He pointed out that the Davos Forum was scientific, and he wanted to be assisted by Egyptian scientists in various fields as well as civil societies and civil societies. The world is now run not only by governments but also by civil society because it has become very active . To be attended also by young and old businessmen and women.

He continued: "Being a base in the forum and learning and listening to new needs, what remains of me is still learning is necessary young people were preparing to live as they live," explaining that the Egyptian delegation in Davos was necessary to be large numbers and also include scientists, and believes that the Chinese delegation The British were the strongest of the forum, and he was also interested in hearing the new president of Brazil.

Amr Moussa, the former secretary general of the League of Arab States, congratulated the anniversary of the January 25 revolution because it was a real revolution that led to a comprehensive change, adding that the day of the police should be celebrated the same day for the sacrifices made by the angry Egyptian police in 1952. Against the occupying forces in 1952, and the young Egyptians revolted to change the state for the better.

The Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, the first, that the arrival of the Brotherhood to power in Egypt was a very important event in itself, showing its failure in state administration, explaining that he did not oppose the Muslim Brotherhood during the government of the isolated Mohamed Morsi as a group, but opposed them because of their policies. The Brotherhood could not rule Egypt, reformed Egyptian life, and was unable to advance in the state. "The origin of the subject is not a matter of interest, judgment, and salvation," he said, and he could not accept the Brotherhood's continued rule.

Amr Moussa pointed out that if Egypt had not declined in recent years due to the circumstances prevailing in the country, Turkey and Iran would not have the capacity to transform the region as we now see. Egypt has a very heavy weight in the Arab region. "It is not easy to happen to any abomination, citing what is happening in the Syrian crisis, which has caused confusion for the world community at large," and what if there was a need for Egypt, "he said.

The Secretary-General of the League of Arab States previously, that political forces can not be large or small to endure the disappearance of Egypt from the political, regional and international scene, and Egypt must prove this through soft power and scientists and strengthen the Egyptian army, as Egypt is welcome internationally That the United States are the world's greatest power now and in the future also for a long time, but Washington must take into account the views of others and attention to allies and did not underestimate them, noting that US policy behind Iran's ability in Iraq.

He added that the US has limits to deal with Iran and that there will be no war between them, noting that Iran exists in Syria, Yemen and other countries, which means that Iran has also become a major force, and that requires that Egypt and the Arabs adopt another policy with Iran. Pointing out that all Arab countries must unite to define the political map with Iran, and should have played this role League of Arab States, but currently oppressed, citing a position to him, "American people said to me, we do not want to talk to Iran about your government to talk to her, but if we want to talk to the Arabs, we will speak to Maine exactly."

Amr Moussa, former secretary general of the League of Arab States, said that economic progress in Egypt is very clear. He met with the president of the International Monetary Fund at a dinner and asked him about the position of the Egyptian economy, which by his turn confirmed that the Egyptian economy is progressing. "You're still on the right track." When he met her this year at the Davos forum and asked her about the Egyptian economy, she said, "Machin Koiss, but she felt she was not as enthusiastic as last year."

"There are international financial organizations and institutions that pay tribute to the progress of the Egyptian economy, and it is something we are very satisfied with, and that does not mean that there are many difficulties that we have to face," he said. The revolution of January 25 will take place. "

"Is the current crisis in the Arab region against the Arabs of Israel or Iran?" Amr Moussa, a former Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, said that the challenges facing the Arab region could be more than a challenge, not just Iran, for Israel alone, and there is a big problem between the Arabs and Iran, while Tehran seeks the work of a large Persian state with Baghdad, has increased political and cultural crises between the Arabs and Tehran, not just neighboring Arab countries or neighbors but Arab countries denouncing Iran's policies and visions.

The Secretary-General of the League of Arab States previously stated that things should not be confused, and the archives of differences with Iran should be examined separately. The archive of Arab-Iranian relations should be examined separately from Iranian-American relations in relations Iranian-Israeli. "Israel is a possible Mekong. It does not reach Iran, but Arab countries have a soft power that opposes Iran, not war, so the files should be examined separately."

Amr Moussa, the former Secretary General of the League of Arab States, denounced the attack by some media professionals and politicians on the 50th Committee drafting the constitution, saying that some described the committee he commanded as a gang and some described the constitution as an "accusation". The constitution is the basic document of government in Egypt, and the president vowed to do so. The constitution also regulates political and economic life in Egypt.

He pointed out that there are opinions on changes in some articles of the Constitution here and there, and there are articles written in this regard, and strange that there is no discussion on this subject in the House of Representatives, but it became the desire to amend the Constitution only informative The President of the Republic or five members of the House of Representatives have the right to initiate the amendment of certain articles of the Constitution and open the question to the people and civil society if one of the rights to amend certain articles of the Constitution is questioned, God knows best.

He explained that the spirit of the Constitution and its orientation and the rights of women, as well as the social justice provided for in the Constitution, should not be violated and should not be infringed.If a person of right requests the amendment of the Constitution, they must present legitimate changes and amendments to these changes based on community dialogue, A national understanding of Jalal's formal hearings in the House of Representatives, the submission of proposed or amended articles on the parties and the right of rejection or endorsement of the parties.

He said: "The most important need in the matter wants to clarify, keep away from arrogance, those who require the amendment of the Constitution should be withdrawn from arrogance, the amendment is discussed with respect, I am not the owner of the Constitution, was finalized, I became an Egyptian citizen like myself, like any citizen. "


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