Hogan series of the nineteenth Imam Mohammed Adel offers a shroud


The events of the nineteenth episode of the series "Hogan" star Mohammed Adel Imam, the most important developments Hogan went with Noor to the airport to deliver before traveling and tell him that she goes to Upper to provide family of roses family and get rid of revenge, but afraid of him and tend to give up doing so,.

The police also went to the house of Kamal al-Labbad, who plays Riyad al-Khouli, after informing Lotfi al-Harraq, who plays Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, about Ramadan al-Wardani, who escaped from prison and has an impact about Hogan.

In the series Hogan Episode 19 embodied Muhammad Imam during which the personality of a young God God gave him a greater physical strength than usual, but in return lived a life in which society canceled his mind, became a supernatural power and a simple mind, is exploited, but has a turning point, decides to hold his mind and use his power To start some in the fight.

Hogan series by Mohammed Salah Al-Azab, directed by Shirin Adel. Starring Mahammed Imam, Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Abeer Sabri, Salah Abdullah, Riad Al Khouli, Os Os, Asma Abu Al Yazid and Hajar Ahmed.


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