Hayabusa 2 is preparing to collect samples of the Ryugo meteorite


The Japanese Hiabusa 2 is preparing to launch a rocket at the Ryugu meteorite to create a crack and remove dust samples from the ground in this distant orb, the Japanese space agency said.

The vehicle, which has been in force for several months, 20 kilometers (12 miles) from the meteorite, began to descend toward the epicenter, 300 million kilometers from Earth, the Tokyo-based agency said.

As you approach the target, it will launch and take off from the meteoroid about 100 miles.

One of the most dangerous missions on Hayabusa's long journey, which has allowed us to collect valuable information about Ryugu, can help us better understand our solar system.

The vehicle should return two weeks later to approach Ryugu and park briefly in the newly developed sampling tank.

The diameter of the artificial nozzle can be 10 meters if the surface is sandy and can be only three meters if it is rocky, according to scientists at the Japanese Space Agency.


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