Saturday , February 27 2021

Hamdan bin Mohammed participates in adult races at the Camel Festival

Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, President of the Executive Council, yesterday witnessed the launch of the adult races for the Dubai Crown Prince Cup for production at the time of year and the end of the Hijab for the children of the tribes . Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid bin Mohammed Rashid Al Maktoum, who crowned the winners in the presence of Ali Bin Saroud, executive director of the Dubai Camel Racing Club. The challenges were strong and agreeable among the various slogans that sought to reap the crown prince of The award was given to Mohammed Al Hazmi Al Ameri and Saifah for a cash prize of 800,000 dirhams, followed by Al-Nashla to Muzaffar Mohammed Al Ameri. Al-Adham did not disappoint the people who appointed him to collect the dagger open for production, he managed to give his owner Mubarak Khalifa bin Zahra al-Khaili the precious symbol by reaching the finish line at 12:55 and winning the 800,000. AED then came "Shaheen" to Ali Saleh Al-Humeiri second, with a prize of 600 thousand dirhams and then "Mbkhot" to Salem Daif al-Kutbi, third, the prize of 400 thousand d They are.

The rest of the races

The rest of the night, where each winner won a four-wheeled car, won the "Zurich" for Saeed Jaber Abdullah, the third third of the season of the localities in 12: 26: 9 minutes, and won the "Smaha" for Salem Rashid Al -Marri, The fourth for the second time, Mahjnat, at 12: 37: 2 minutes, and reached the "cautious" for Saeed Ahmed bin Hilwa Kutbi, the title of the fifth half of the local Zamil at 12:43:50 minutes, and received «Saud» Saad Abdul Hadi Al Marri,, In 12: 48: 7 minutes, and «Shatha» for my father Mohammed Rashid Al-Ghafli, the title of the seventh half of the localities at 12:41:50 minutes.

Morning run

In the morning, there were 16 stages for the season and season, 10 of which were dedicated to production: the first prize was Nissan Station, Nissan Safari, Cruiser Pickup and cash prizes for centers from 2 to 10; Contests and sweets and cakes, and cash prizes for owners of centers from the first to the tenth.

Al-Khaibi dominated the first half of the first half of the local production season at 12:40:40, and was the best time in all the morning's challenges. In the second game, and recorded a time of 12: 46: 5 minutes, and won "Manawar", the fighting of localities in the third round of production, and gave the owner Mubarak Mohammed Al-Salemin Mansouri, the law, at 13:00 : 5 minutes, which was dedicated to the mummification of sweets, went to the front of the "terrifying" Salem Rashid Hamad Rizini Neyadi in a time of 12: 54: 6 minutes.

In the second half of the fifth half of the season, Mahfouz won the first half of the fifth round for the second round at 12:43:34 minutes. Yevhoni in the seventh game to get the locals, scoring his title in 13: 3: 8 minutes, and won 'Nasi' for Hazim Ibrahim Al-Mafari, the title of the eighth half of the end of the muffin in 13: 2: 2 minutes.


On the other hand, the intensive preparation of the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Cultural Heritage Center, in cooperation with the Dubai Camel Racing Club, began to organize the Camel National Day Marathon and the fourth edition will take place at Al Marmoum Camel Racing, together with the Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Festival. Al Maktoum Prince of Dubai, for authentic Arabian camel.

The annual festival is dedicated to promoting the UAE's identity and a reminder of the country's cultural heritage. The marathon is 11 miles long and only citizens of UAE are required to attend. The participant must be at least 15 years of age . For children under 18 years.

Each competitor must wear a helmet and protective clothing during the race, and be tied by a national marathon uniform with white pants worn under uniform.

Participants are prohibited from using shocks and stimulants under the Camel Racing Laws, and the "Sudanese" camel type is not allowed to participate. The Organizing Committee has the right to exclude and retain the prize of any other participant .

Suad Ibrahim Darwish, tournament management director of the Cultural Heritage Center Hamdan Bin Mohammed, stressed the importance of highlighting the manifestations of popular celebrations in all national and state events celebrated by the state, highlighting the addition of the national camel marathon to the organized list by the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Center. Heritage, aims to attract and train young people from the Emirates to join one of the most important elements of the country's heritage through camel riding, reproduction and sustainability as one of the most important symbols of Bedouin life.


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