Gulf News Actor Liam Nison: I wanted to kill a black man in retaliation


In an interview with The Independent newspaper, British actor Liam Nison revealed that at one point he wanted to "kill a black man" in retaliation for one of his relatives after being raped but said he strongly regretted the idea at the time. The 66-year-old actor made the remarks to the website of the electronic newspaper as part of an interview in New York to promote his new film, Cold Priest, in which he plays the role of a father who wants revenge for his son, killed by a cartel drugs. "I want to tell you a real story," Nison said in the interview. One day, when he returned from traveling, he discovered that one of his relatives had been raped. "I asked her," Do you know who the aggressor is?

"I'm ashamed of what I've done … I've been out on the streets for a week and I've got a stick in my hand hoping someone comes up to me or takes the black man out of a bar and I'll make a problem, so I can kill him. " "This is very terrible, revenge only begets revenge and more violence and murder," he said.


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