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Google Duo will allow users to send photos to each other soon

Google Duo

When Google announced the Google duo and Google Allo a few years ago, the company said it designed the first video and voice chat application while designing the second chat application. Since then, Google has closed the Google Allo app, but the company appears to be slowly integrating some features of Google Alo into the Google Duo application.

This is according to a new report recently released by Google's 9to5 website, which found that in the next update of the application, users will soon be able to send images to each other. However, the upload experience will not be the same as what we see in other chat applications. Instead, based on the results, it looks like the Google Duo photo upload feature will look like Snapchat, where users can send private messages that can only be viewed within the next 24 hours.


Chat applications generally allow users to send and receive photos, but since Google Duo focuses primarily on video conversations, it's no surprise that we do not find this feature in-app. However, as we said earlier, Google has turned off the Google Allo app, and with Hangouts aimed at corporate users, we assume that it makes sense for Google to bring some common features of the chat applications to Google Duo.

However, please note that images can not be uploaded directly to Google Duo. Instead, users will only be able to send photos via the sharing feature in Google Photos and files. This seems like a weird way to send photos, but the option will be available if you want to take advantage of them.


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