Friday , November 15 2019
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Good news for diabetics. Smart pills instead of injections

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed smart pills that could end the era of drug injections, especially for diabetics.

Diabetics depend on insulin injections with high glucose levels, because insulin-containing pills are virtually unusable because the digestive system breaks down the hormone as it passes so that the patient does not benefit from it when taken orally, according to with Sky News.

According to a study published in the journal Nature Medicine, the 30mm smart capsules incorporate three micro-arms that inject insulin microscopy.

The capsule is designed to be resistant to the acidic environment of the stomach, decomposing only when it reaches the most acidic small intestine.

After the capsule breaks down, ICSI penetrates the superficial layer of the small intestine and secretes insulin, the Future Observatory said.

ICSI is painless because the small intestine has no neuropathic receptors, and scientists hope these pills provide alternative ways to deliver hormones, antibiotics, and drugs that include DNA at the target site.


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