For iPhone XR New and Three Cameras


Arab Business Egypt: The latest leaks have revealed that Apple's next phone for the iPhone XR will come with three rear cameras instead of a camera, as in the current version, according to SlashGear.

Recently, leaks on an XR camera phone, claiming that the device will come with a dual camera instead of three cameras, but the source said that Apple is trying to make all three phones three cameras.

Apple plans to release the next iPhone XR for the iPhone XR 2 or for the iPhone XR.

According to the source, an iPhone XR will come with a 12-megapixel front-facing camera lens, and the accuracy of the three rear camera lenses is not mentioned.

The SlashLeaks site has already been posted on the iPhone XI and iPhone 3G on my mobile phone, where portfolio design has unveiled three lenses for the next generation iPhone.

Techradar pointed out that the iPhone XR will bring the optical zoom capability of the X2.


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