Find out when the new Nubia Alpha phones will be released


Nubia today unveiled the launch date of its new Nokia nubia Alpha phone on April 8 with a combination of smartphones and smartphones.

Nubia is ready to launch its own version of the smartphone with a retractable wristwatch on April 8, offering an Alpha phone that also supports tracking and monitoring user activity, supports playback of audio playback and receives notifications with the same experience clock rate

Nubia analyzed the phone's design features in the 2019 MWC display and hands-on phone experience. The phone comes with a distinctive interface and a 4-inch OLED display. The Alpha phone features a 2100 Snapdragon Wear chip with 1GB of random RAM, Com 8 GB of storage capacity.

The Alpha mobile phone features a 500 mAh battery and features a 5 megapixel camera and an f / 2.2 lens slot. The device also features a dedicated version of the Andoride operating system and should be available in two models, one of which supports WiFi only 450 euros, while the other model supports eSIM with a golden color at 650 euros.


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