Exclude 3 pounds of evil scenes from "Bath Malatili"


In 1973, the magazine Rose Al-Yousef wrote to the journalist Zeinab Montaser, saying:

Censorship of artwork removed a large part of the three-kilometer length of sexual scenes in the movie "Malatelli bath" after the first full presentation in the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

When he asked for his release in Egypt, censorship prevented him from doing so, and the film was interrupted and resubmitted to the censor, who erased his shameful and shameful scenes.

The movie about the story of Ismail Wali al-Din's screenplay was written by Mohsen Zayed and Salah Abu Seif, who also directed the film.

The film revolves around the arrival of young Ahmed (Mohamed El Arabi) to the Ismailia Cairo immigrant after the setback, where the crowding to get to the office of his relative employee, who will be nominated by the middle certificate, but not found in his office , he is afraid.

The camera goes into the bathroom unnecessarily. Ahmed ran out of money and he has to find a place to take shelter, and his mother and father waiting for a letter from him talk about the address of his residence in Cairo.

Ahmed, Naima (Shams al-Baroudi), who turned the city into a saleswoman who sells her body to live, picks up a little after a full day of hunger and speaks with revenge and tells her to refuse to say she is present every day in front of the cigarette kiosk at the same time. She later falls in love with her.

While he is wandering in the aesthetic district sees the bathroom Visthweh's archaeological form and recognize the owner of the bathroom (Fayez Halawah) teacher becomes Ahmed is responsible for the bathroom bills and perfumery property of the teacher.

The sex and drug scenes, which occupy much of the film, show the teacher trapped in a drug box and her flirting wife, Nemat Mukhtar, is playing with Ahmed and finds him in the teacher's room.

The film ends with the death of Naima in the hands of his cousins, seeking honor and blasphemy after declaring repentance and halal life. Ahmed turns to the shrine of Hussein and complains of loss and declares regret.

The film starring Youssef Shaaban, Naima Saghir, Ibrahim Abdel Razek, Abdul Ghani Al Najdi and Nihad Samir.


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