Events of the day American study: Young people's young blood returns to youth?


Events of the day – WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A new approach to the elimination of age-related diseases, replacing blood aged with juvenile blood that renews blood cells in the body and relieves old age and aging, was recommended by a genetic scientist in the latest US study, American.
The new study says that every person needs a pyramid is the treatment with the blood of young people.
The new treatment is being developed based on new research suggesting that getting blood donated by young people can bring young people back to the elderly, the elderly, and the chronically ill, said Linda Partridge, a professor at the University of California Institute of Ancient Health.
She pointed out that anyone who can get blood from young people, even a cash amount, like Ambrosia, an American company offers young blood for a large sum of money.
"It is believed that young blood improves the quality of the blood of the elderly when mixed," said Amy Bibi, who works for the Kyord program, an application for doctors conducting home visits.
It acts as an antidote to older aging markers because it has the ability to repair and treat certain diseases or health disorders by repairing blood cells, which stimulates them to reproduce and repair damaged cells. "
This is best for the affected muscles, diseases of the liver and nervous system. "
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