Monday , October 25 2021

Episode 3 Episode 13 Episode 13 "Prince of Karra"


Episode 3 Episode 13 Episode 13 "Prince of Karra"

Fans of the Egyptian drama watch Episode 13 of the third episode of Culpsh 3, which will air on MBC channels, and will also be aired on Channel 3 of MBC 4, which is eagerly awaited by fans of this drama. The success and excellent viewing rate in the two seasons of last year.

The MBC 4 series will be presented in the series "Culpash 3" Episode 13 at 6 pm Mecca time, and the replay will be at 12 at night, the second at 6 in the morning and the third will be re-released at 11 am the next day . Go on many times.

Events 3
The third part of "Kalbash" is a fateful decision by Salim al-Ansari, who decides to resign the Interior Ministry to establish a security company and his own escorts, after being pressured by Hisham Salim, one of his enemies during the episodes of the series.

The events in episode 13 of the third episode, and there are differences between Salim Al Ansari and his partner in the company in an atmosphere of mystery and excitement, especially with attempts to engage the former in espionage work, in addition to attempts by his enemies to pressure him, through his only son.

Heroes of Culpsh 3 – Episode 13
The third season of Kalbash has joined a new constellation of action stars, including Ahmed Abdel Aziz, Hisham Selim, Yousra El Lozy and Hedy Karam, and artists Hala Fakhir, Ahmad Al Awadhi, Mohamed Ali Rizk and Labher's work Dweidar, directed by Peter Mimi.

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